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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #79

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
As I was starting to clear dope the fuselage in preparation for the first covering with Polyspan Lite, I realized I really needed  vents in the aft part of the fuselage for air circulation to dissipate internal battery and ESC heat. The ideal place for these vents is in the 1/16" sheeting under the leading edge of the stab. A hole pattern was drawn on the sheeting as shown below.  
The hole was cut out and sanded to shape on both sides of the fuselage as shown below.
Before any clear doping, the bare fuselage structure weighed in at 64 grams (2.26 oz) as shown below. 
Oh yes, I almost forgot about securing the hinge pin in the rudder's bottom hinge shown below.
The approach used required drilling a 0.0292" hole in the end of a 1/16" wooden dowel that is 3/16" long. The dowel is then embedded and glued in the base of the rudder's structure as shown below. Notice also the recessed groove to the right of the dowel for the hinge wire to fit down into.  
The 0.031" bottom hinge wire has "U" bent on the end as shown below that plugs into the hole in dowel with a force fit. This is sufficient to secure the hinge pin.  
I have put three coats of 50/50 clear nitrate dope on the fuselage, cowl, fin, and rudder with sanding between the first two coats. Since it is late in the day, I will start the first covering of Polyspan Lite tomorrow............................Tandy

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