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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #80

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
Well, yesterday afternoon and today I finally got the Cloudster's fuselage and vertical tail covered with Polyspan lite. The picture below shows the fuselage covered with Polyspan lite and two coats of 50/50 clear nitrate dope. Of course the four side windows will get cut out later after the second covering of silk.
This is kind of a neat shot with no flash of the covered fuselage with the light shining through the covering.
The bare fuselage structure weighed 64 grams as reported in Report No. 79. The Cloudster's fuselage with three coats of 50/50 clear dope on the structure, covered with Polyspan lite, and two coats of 50/50 clear dope on the covering now weighs 69 grams as shown below.  So it has only gained a total of 5 grams or (0.18 oz).
The fin and rudder (vertical tail) also have three coats of 50/50 clear dope on their structure, covered with Polyspan lite, and two coats of 50/50 clear dope on the covering as shown below.  
Because of the cowl's complex shape, Polyspan Lite was not used. Instead a single piece of white silk was used. Silk is an amazing material to cover with. As shown in the picture below, there is only one seam in the first covering of silk. There will be a matching seam on the other side when the second covering of silk is applied.
The several coats of clear dope on these covered components will be allowed to thoroughly dry overnight before they are sanded with 600 grit paper and the final coat of clear dope put on them. Then the second and final covering of silk will be applied.................................Tandy  

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