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 "Cloudster" Construction Project Session #81

Speed 400 Cloudster Project
I still have a supply of "Model Covering Company" white silk that I chose for the Cloudster's second covering. In the picture below, a piece of the white silk has been cut to cover the right side with.
I spent yesterday and most of today covering the Cloudster's fuselage, cowl, and vertical tail with a second covering of white silk. The picture below shows the these components covered with silk and one coat of 50/50 clear nitrate dope. Again, the four side windows will get cut out later after the second covering of silk has had all of its coats of clear dope.
This shot shows the silk covering on the bottom of the fuselage. The light and dark colors of balsa used to make up the cowl are going to show through the silk as you can see below.
This picture also shows the bottom of the fuselage. You can see how the nicely the silk flows over the stringer fillets that were added at the stringer attach point on the forward planking as well as how the scolloped bulkheads that do not contact the bottom coverings.
The bare fuselage structure weighed 64 grams as reported in Report No. 79. The Cloudster's fuselage with three coats of 50/50 clear dope on the structure, covered with Polyspan lite, and three coats of 50/50 clear dope on the covering weighed 69 grams as reported in Report No. 80.  With the second covering of silk and one coat of 50/50 clear dope the weight is now 74 grams. So the silk and one coat of clear dope has only added another 5 grams or (0.18 oz). The two coverings and a total of seven coats of dope weigh a total of 10 grams or a little over a third of an ounce (0.35 oz).
Tomorrow I will mix up 40% dope with 60% thinner and a small amount of retarder for penetration and start applying multiple coats of dope to these components to build up a finish on the silk.........................Tandy

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