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 Comet "Phantom Fury" Construction Project Session #7

Comet "Phantom Fury" Rubber Powered
Free Flight Model Airplane

By Tommy Gray
AMA 17063

The covering of the fuselage, rudder and sub rudder is done.  In the pictures you will see the pieces after they have been covered, doped with a couple of coats of thinned nitrate and shrunk out.  The first picture is the front of the fuselage, after the covering was done (except for one more coat of dope).

You may have noticed that I also at this point, have added the hold-down dowels, and inserted the rubber peg (made from 1/4" aluminum tubing), and cut out the section of covering just in front of the peg to allow access to the rubber motor for mounting.

Here is a picture of the rear of the fuselage with the sub fin glued in place.

The front of the fuselage showing the top of the structure is shown here. As you can see, the Polyspan makes a very nice covering and it strong!!

In the next picture you can see that I have attached the rudder to the covered stabilizer.  I cut back a little of the tissue covering so that the rudder could be glued onto the bare wood of the stab.

More to come!....Tommy!

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