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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #102

Comet Sailplane Project
The plans show that the 14.4" span tip panel is elevated 4-3/8", which forms a total polyhedral angle of 17.69 degrees. So each side gets beveled 8.85 degrees. The 4-3/8" tip elevation brace is shown below.
The picture below shows a trial fit of the beveled leading and trailing edges. The 8.85 degree bevel on each side matched up very well with the 4-3/8" elevated tip.
However, I ran into a problem when I unpinned the inner panel and removed it from the work table. The bow in the 5/16" leading edge was so stiff that it slightly deformed the complete inner panel, bowing it forward. This was seen by a forward bow in what was supposed to be straight trailing edge.
I returned the inner panel structure to the work table and pinned each end of the leading and trailing edges in place over the plans. Then I forced an aluminum straight edge into the bowed trailing edge until it was straight and pinned a block up against the aluminum straight edge as can be seen below. This straightened out the inner panel structure. The rest of the inner panel was pinned down. Using light 3/32" sheet balsa, I cut, fitted, and glued a series of diagonal strips between the two large forward spars forming a Warren Truss down the length of the inner panel as shown below. The truss should hold the bow in the leading edge and keep the inner panel straight and true. These diagonals will be allowed to dry overnight......................Tandy 

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