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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #126

Comet Sailplane Project
After lunch today I started applying the second covering of silk over the white Polyspan Lite on the bottom of the Sailplane wing. This picture shows the orange silk on the center section with one coat of clear dope. 
Working most of the afternoon, I managed to get the wing's orange center section, yellow right inner panel, and orange right tip panel on the bottom of the wing with one coat of clear dope as shown below. Silking is always a slow going process for me. 
This shows a close up of the silk splice over the 1/8" wing rib, which takes a really steady hand and a very sharp razor blade to leave a 1/16" of yellow silk and a 1/16" of orange silk on either side of the 1/8" rib.
Using Adobe Photoshop software, I generated a black contrast stripe between the yellow and orange silk just to get a feel for what the yellow and orange silk will look like once I get the black stripe painted on.
If I can get started around 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, I should be able to finish silking the bottom of the wing before lunch. Then in the afternoon complete an inner panel and tip panel on top of the wing. Given that I have a blood test scheduled for mid morning on Wednesday, looks like it will be Wednesday afternoon sometime before I finish silking the wing......................Tandy

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