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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #131

Comet Sailplane Project
I worked most of the afternoon today finishing up covering the Sailplane's fuselage with Polyspan Lite and putting on one coat of clear dope. I took these series of pictures for you to see how it is looking.
Left side of Fuselage
Bottom Covering
Two Hatches on the Bottom
Stab Platform
Bottom of Stab Platform
Wing Saddle
Top Stringer Fillets
Bottom Stringer Fillets
This picture of me holding the covered fuselage shows you just how large the fuselage really is.
Tomorrow I plan to cover the cowl with white silk instead of Polyspan Lite because of the complex shape in the front inlet opening.
Late this afternoon the UPS guy delivered two boxes. In the first one was my Klass Kote order consisting of 1/2 pint of satin black, 1/2 pint of glossy black, an additional 1-pint of satin catalyst and a quart of reducer as shown below.
In the second package was a gallon of nitrate thinner shown below from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company. I have a lot of clear doping to do and I was running short on thinner..................Tandy 

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