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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #150

Comet Sailplane Project
Today I completed painting on the four 3/8" semi gloss black Acrylic contrast stripes on the wing. I masked off an 1/8" on either side of the 1/8" dihedral rib with 1/4" Pactra gray masking tape and then backed it up with 1" Scott's 3M blue masking tape as shown below. The mask was hand brushed with a mix of 40% clear nitrate dope and 60% thinner to seal the edges, which was allowed to dry 30 minutes. 
Next the mask was hand brushed with a single coat of slightly thinned Tamiya semi gloss black Acrylic as shown below. 
The black Acrylic was allowed to dry only 15 minutes. Then blue tape was carefully removed first and then the gray tape. The final results presented below show that the black contrast stripes really do a good job of separating and accenting the two colors of yellow and orange silk. 
I now have a lot of work coming up to make fixtures to hold the various components for spraying the final coat of satin Klass Kote. So this will be my last Sailplane report for several days....................Tandy

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