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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #157

Comet Sailplane Project
Seems like no matter how much preparation you do or how much care you take, the are always little tiny specks or flicks in paint when you spray. After letting the satin Klass Kote sprayed on the wing cure for 24 hours, I ran my hand over the sprayed surface of the wing and I could feel these little tiny specks ever so often. I checked the other sprayed components of the Sailplane and they also had them. I did not want to sand the surface for fear of scratching the satin Klass Kote epoxy finish. In a discussion James Lollar, he told me that the really good builders of plastic models use a very special fine emery paper for smoothing out paint and can even polishing the paint.
So I drove out to our large USA Hobby Town store here in Arlington. They stocks the fine emery paper, which is called "Micro-Mesh Abrasive", for finishing paint on plastic models. I bought one sheet of 1800 grit and one sheet of 2400 grit as shown below at $4.75 a sheet.
However, I found that even the 2400 grit too abrasive because it marked satin Klass Kote finish. I went back and picked up a sheet of 8000 grit and a four sheet combination package containing 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000, and 12000 grit as shown below (I had no idea they even made grit this fine). The package even has its own small capsule  of green wax, which of course I will not use.
I used the single sheet of 8000 grit to successfully removed the tiny little specks in the satin Klass Kote on the tail surfaces without leaving any marring the surface what so ever. Then I finished hinging the control surfaces and putting the Sailplane's tail assembly together. I took the following pictures for you to see below.
Left Rear View
(You can actually see the extraordinary satin finish on the stab's left orange tip.)
Right Front View
Rear View
(Notice how the black 2-56 cap screws that secure the stab's sub fins are hidden in the black stripes.)
One final note. Using Micro-Mesh abrasive on the top of the wing to removed the tiny little specks in the satin Klass Kote will be important for the graphics to adhere smoothly to the top of the wing...........................Tandy

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