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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #164

Comet Sailplane Project
In order to start flight testing soon, I had to modify the fuselage rack for the Odyssey to incorporate the Sailplane so I can transport it to the flying field, not to mention on to the SAM Champs. Since I have neither the room nor the stamina to take all of my SAM aircraft entries, I am limiting myself to just five models this year. I will leave the Class A T-Bird free flight, Korda Electric, and Nostalgia Fubar 600X home this year.
This afternoon I put the fuselage rack in the back of the Odyssey and placed the fuselages of the five models that I am taking on the rack. Fortunately I only need to add three additional landing gear blocks, one for the Playboy Junior and two for the Sailplane as shown below. 
This picture shows the fuselage locations from the rear.
I marked the location for the screw holes for the new blocks on the rack's base and drilled them as shown below.
Once the blocks were added, a trial fit of the Sailplane confirmed their location as shown below.
This is a close up of the landing gear axle extension inserted  in the block...........Tandy

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