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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #35

Comet Sailplane
I have managed to work on the Sailplane some the last couple of days, although my vision is pretty poor because I do not yet have my new prescription glasses. So I am trying work using my old glasses. I started working on the bottom forward ignition hatch cover. I began by gluing three bulkheads on the bass wood hatch cover frame as shown below. These will support the 3/32" strip planking that will be applied. Notice that a 1/32" gap is left between the hatch cover ends so that the ends can later be covered with 1/64" plywood.
Since the ignition hatch cover will support both the (+) booster external pin and the (+) ignition battery charge external pin, the hard points for these two pins must be integrated into the cover's planking. Shown below are the hard point assembly consisting of two 2-56 blind nuts embedded into a piece of 1/8" plywood with ABS plastic stand offs. A strip of the 3/32" X 1/4" strip planking with two holes to receive the stand offs is also shown.
The hard point assembly was then glued to the underside of the strip planking as shown below.
Two special 1/4" X 1/2" edge blocks were drilled to match the attachment holes in the cover's frames. These holes were then drilled oversize to just fit the head diameter of the 2-56 Allen head screws shown below. These screws were used to properly position the blocks on the frame while being glued in place.
Planking of the ignition hatch cover started by gluing the edge blocks on the frame first and then the strip containing the hard point assembly down the center next. Additional 3/32" X 1/4" strips were added completing the planking of the ignition hatch cover. In the picture below, the two edge blocks were roughly trimmed down just to show you how the removable barrel shaped ignition hatch cover will look. However, considerable more trimming and sanding must be done to get the cover's final shape.
I also glued the two bulkheads on the bass wood radio hatch cover frame as shown below, but ran out of time today to do anymore.........................Tandy 

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