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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #40

Comet Sailplane Project
You know when you lay up a fuselage side or build a stab, after you finish you feel like you have accomplished something. However, you can spend a significant amount of time in doing a lot of detail work on a bunch of small items and at the end of day you feel like you have nothing to show for it. Well, that is where I am this evening. I will report on what I have done, but it seems insignificant, considering how much work I put. 
If you recall in Report No. 29, I have installed an internal push-pull switch for the radio that has a 1/16" wire rod exiting the side of the fuselage as shown below .
I glued in a piece of white ABS plastic tube to serve as a guide to the outside of the fuselage supported by a piece of 3/16" balsa as shown below. 
Next I drilled out a block balsa and slid it over the ABS tube, beveling it so as to clear the lower 1/8" stringer that has to be installed as shown below.
The block was trimmed to contour and a piece of 1/8" stranger laid in place for the picture below, but glued. Notice the fuselage's forward lower planking on the right side is also now complete.
The 1/4" balsa for the sub rudder's laser cut parts were too soft so I recut the parts from medium hard balsa. Since I plan to cover the sub rudder before it is glued to the bottom of the fuselage, I added a 1/4" square balsa runner along the bottom of the sub rudder as shown below.
I made provisions for a 1/4" wide slot on the bottom of the fuselage at the rear to receive the sub rudder as seen below.
I inserted the sub rudder into the rear fuselage slot in the picture below so you can how the rear end of the fuselage is going to look with its sub rudder in place. I know, it is not really a lot to show for a days' work, but what can I say!.............................Tandy

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