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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #46

Comet Sailplane Project
I have changed my mind about  integrating the pylon frame into the fuselage structure today. I have decided to add the stringers to top aft fuselage and then work out the fairing of the aft fuselage into the stab and fin. I will also cover the stab, add the internal structure to the fin and rudder, and cover them as well. Then I will recheck the wing off balance to position the pylon frame to determine its location on the fuselage.
By the way, I had my final post surgery check up on my left eye with the ophthalmologist on Friday, February 13, 2009. I now have 20-20 vision in both eyes and he wrote the prescription for my new glasses for near and intermediate range vision. He had me make an appointment with him in one year for an annual check up. He told me to go down to Texas State Highway Department in the next few days and take the eye test to get my glasses restriction removed from my driver's license. I am having my new glasses made this week and hopefully they will be ready Friday, the day after tomorrow.........Tandy

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