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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #47

Comet Sailplane Project
Yesterday all of the top bulkhead pieces were glued in place as shown below. Before I could add the stringers to top aft fuselage and work out the fairing of the aft fuselage into the stab and fin, I had to come up with an aft fuselage bulkhead in front of the stab that extends out to the edge of the stringers also shown below.
Actually this is a double bulkhead made out two pieces of 1/16" sheet balsa laminated cross grain together. Notice how the outer bulkhead extends out to the edge of the stringers. To provide support for the stringers, the inner bulkhead only extends out to the inner edge of the stringers as shown below.
There is a void that had to be filled in from the center side stringer up to the bottom of where the stab platform will be that extends from the aft bulkhead back the end of the fuselage. This void on the left side of the fuselage is shown below.
Soft sheet balsa was shaped and glued into this long slender void area as shown below on the right side of the fuselage.
Notice in the picture below that these two added pieces not only fills in the voids on the sides, but provides for a double gluing surface foot print for the 1/8" stab platform sheets that will be added forward, aft, and between the two plywood stab mounting supports......................Tandy

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