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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #55

Comet Sailplane Project
The bare rudder primary structure required four ribs and leading edge fill wood to give it its final shape. I spent most of the day completing the rudder. When everything was dry, the rudder's leading and trailing edges were carved and sanding to shape. The fin/rudder profile is shown below.
This picture shows the laminated fin trailing edge on the left and the laminated rudder leading edge on the right. Notice the taper ratio of the two surfaces from root to tip. 
This view shows the fin/rudder's match along the hinge line.
This is nice rear view looking at the rudder's 1/16" trailing edge, which clearly show the vertical taper and the symmetrical airfoil shape of the fin/rudder ribs.
For the size of the rudder I incorporated into the Sailplane's vertical tail, it has a 28 degree maximum deflection limit set by non-interference with up elevator deflection as shown below.
This finally completes the entire tail of the Sailplane. At this point I must put the project aside for several days and start working on our taxes, which generally always turns out to be a big "Kabuki Dance" for me. :O<  So there will be no more Sailplane construction reports for a while.
On a different note, I want to discuss an issue with my new glasses. When I got them and started building again, I noticed that the focal length of the bifocal was set way too far out. Upon measuring, I discovered they focused out about 21" because I was having to try and work almost at arm's length. I had an appointment with my ophthalmologist this morning and explained my problem. He had me show him at what distance I wanted to work. Then he evaluated my glasses and my eyes and revised my prescription to correct the problem. You know, I had never specified focal length of my bifocals before, I didn't even realize you could! Then I took my glasses and my revised prescription over to the optometrist. He is having a new set of lenses made at no cost to me, since he warrants new glasses for 90 days. So for now, I am back to trying to use my old glasses until the new ones are ready........................Tandy

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