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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #57

Comet Sailplane Project
Today, I finally finished the other elevator's hinge wire retainer on the left side, which completes the stab except for covering as shown below. These hinge wire retainers require an exceptional amount of time to install, but are quite functional. I have not had a chance to run the 2-56 set screws down to lock the hinge wires in place yet. As it turns out these 2-56 set screws require a very small .035" Allen wrench. The smallest I have on hand is .05". I checked out all of the hardware stores, but it seems .05" Allen wrenches are as small they stock. So I called the guy at Micro Fasteners and told him my problem. He said not to worry that he would put me a couple of the .035" Allen wrenches in the mail today no charge.....................Tandy

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