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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #77

Comet Sailplane Project
I am definitely going to use yellow silk and I am considering orange silk in color combination for the Sailplane. My initial thought was to cover the wing and stab with yellow silk and the fuselage and rudder with orange silk.  So I reproduced a Sailplane 3-view and colored it in as shown below to get a feel for how that would look. It looks kind of plain to me, what do you think? 
Then I remembered about a week or so ago, Tom Ryan had suggested a combination of three colors, which didn't really work for me. However, his suggestion for the wing had promise. He suggested using orange silk on the tips and center section with yellow inner panels. Using this for the wing, I adding orange to the tips of the stab and kept the fuselage and rudder orange. To me, this adds a little more pizazz to color combination as shown below and can be accomplished with only a little more effort. What do you think about this color combination? Oh yes, I may paint a strip down the side of the fuselage, maybe in black. 
In the morning I want to get some better yellow and orange colors and look at some other possibilities.
I also have red and white silk as shown below, but I will not consider dying any silk! If you have an idea for a good silk color combination, particularly in orange and yellow, I sure would like to hear it........................Tandy

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