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Sailplane Construction Project Session # 8


I feel like I reached a milestone today in that I finished up almost all of the details on Sailplane's (SP) firewall and bonded it to the fuselage framework. I used Titebond aliphatic glue and the ten colored plastic clamps that Bob Beecroft gave me sometime ago as you can see below. These little clamps are ideal for this application as well as many others.
This picture shows the view from the back side. As you can see, the 1/4" plywood firewall is clamped to the 3/16" hard balsa bulkhead on the front of the fuselage framework. The firewall extends 3/32" beyond balsa bulkhead for the outer 3/32" planking to butt up against when the time comes. 
The firewall will be allowed to dry overnight. Tomorrow I will bend the forward landing gear strut forward a bit and mount it onto the firewall. Then I will bend up the aft landing gear strut (in place) using the forward landing gear strut and fuselage as a jig to insure a proper fit, but more on that later................Tandy

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