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Sailplane Construction Project Session #9


After the firewall dried overnight last night, this morning I did a trial installation of the engine/tank and ignition unit as shown below followed by several other views.
View of right side.
View of left side.
Frontal view from the left side showing high tension lead routing, which will be mostly under the cowl.
At this point I have to stop working on the Sailplane! I have been overtaken by preparation events leading up to our Thanksgiving dinner, which we have on Wednesday (tomorrow). In the past, Sue found it was too hard to get everybody together Thanksgiving day. So about ten years ago she started having our Thanksgiving dinner the day before so everyone would come. Sue is preparing a sit down dinner for tomorrow for eighteen of our family members. Even my son and daughter and their families will be here this year for one of the first times. We are seating eleven adults in the dining room as shown below and seven of the young adults at the kitchen dinette table with two extended table inserts............Tandy 

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