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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #83

Comet Sailplane Project
Sometimes the smallest components require the most attention. The two removable 1/8" balsa sub fins on the bottom of the stab that required finishing are shown below.
During the day yesterday, three coats of clear nitrate dope were applied to bare wood with sanding in between coats. Then the sub fins were covered with Polyspan Lite and three more coats of clear dope were applied as shown below.
During the afternoon today, both sub fins were covered with orange silk and three coats of cleared dope were applied to the silk as shown below.
16 gauge copper wire was bent to shape to fit the contour the sub fin tip with 3/16" pigtails bent at right angles on the ends to pin the wires to the edge of the sub fin. The wires were held in place with rubber bands and CA'd to the sub fin tips as shown below.
This picture shows both sub fins fitted with skid wires to protect the tips. These wire are for protecting the sub fin tips when they contact the ground. I may have to increase the height of the tail skid some in the sub rudder to help in preventing this from happening. 
This is a close up of one of the copper wires CA'd to the sub fin tip.
This afternoon before I quit, I went on and applied the fourth coat of retarded clear dope to all eight of the silk covered tail components.........................Tandy 

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