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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #84

Comet Sailplane Project
I spent most of the morning running errands and finally started assembling the covered components of the Sailplane's tail after lunch. To begin with, covering had to be carefully cut away from of the three slots for the fin and sub fins and removed from all screw holes and openings. The components had to be tailored fitted by hand because they were now double covered and doped, which made them very tight!  Next, the covering over all of the hinge slots had to be cut out. I spent so much time reinstalling the hinges and aligning them on the fin/rudder and stab/elevator. However, all of this was finally accomplished. The assembled tail is now ready to be attached to the fuselage along with every thing else to perform the long awaited weight and balance to establish the location of the pylon. I took the following pictures of the assembled tail for you to see.
Left-Front View
Rear View
Right Front View
Top View
One comment I want to make. The contrast between the yellow and orange silk color out on the stab tips will be enhanced once the black strips are painted on. It will look something like the doctored picture below. However, that has to come later because there are still three more coats of clear dope that has to go on first...................Tandy

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