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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #86

Comet Sailplane Project
After I had determined the pylon location on the fuselage structure and as I was starting to disassemble the model this afternoon, I noticed that there was virtually no clearance between the bottom of the sub fins and the work table as shown below. This was not good! So I decided to lengthen the tail skid to provide a little more clearance.
The original 3/32" piano wire tail skid design that was reported on in Report No. 44 is shown below.
The new tail skid I built this afternoon is shown below. It provided over 3/4" of additional length. 
As you can in the picture below, the bottom of the sub fin now clears the work table by 0.8". A little more clearance would have been better, but I did not want to overload the sub rudder in bending with a longer tail skid when side loads occur..................Tandy 

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