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 Sailplane Construction Project Session #95

Comet Sailplane Project
Today is Mother's Day so there will be no Sailplane work today! However, I did remove the fuselage from the jig set up and took these three pictures for you to see. The picture below shows the almost seamless intersection of the pylon's left side planking with the wing platform, which provides for a strong CA bond at this joint. I could not be more pleased with the way this turned out.
This is a shot of the intersection on the right side. There is absolutely no way I could have achieved this close of a fit if I had glued the wing saddle onto the top of the pylon first.
I took this picture to give you a feel for how the pylon looks on the complete fuselage.
The next step tomorrow will be the pylon fillets. I am not sure if I will try the 1/16" balsa formed fillets as shown on the plans or not. Right now I am leaning toward Bob Beecroft's epoxy fillets mixed with micro balloons. They will not be quite as large, but will be ten times stronger and will fair in much nicer than the balsa ones................Tandy

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